Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Woods Estate Entrance Begins Construction This Week

After a two-week delay due to Hurricane Ike’s visit, Kings Forest will finally see the beginnings of our new entrance treatments with construction on the Woods Estates entrance starting this week.

As we’ve described in past posts, Dale Clarke of Town Center Landscaping will begin with relocating or removing existing plantings, then cleaning the brick and installing the stone elements on the existing monument. He’ll then install new plantings and ground lighting to illuminate the sign. Click here to see how the monument will be enhanced with stone elements, and here to see the stone finial that will be placed on each pillar.
At the September board meeting, Carol Simonton of the Revitalization Committee presented the final softscape plan that the committee and Dale jointly developed. A species of crape myrtle called Twilight will be planted behind the monument, chosen for its tall growth characteristics (to help conceal the power lines) and prolific blooms. Foster’s Holly will be placed at each end of the wall to provide winter berry color. Loropedalum, favored for its burgundy foliage, will be planted directly in front of the wall. Boulders will be installed on either side, with purple Fountaingrass positioned behind the boulders. Existing plants will be salvaged and located behind the monument. Dwarf bottlebrush and seasonal color such as cyclamen or magilla purple perilla will complete the theme, intended to play well off the orangey brick of the monument.
Kings Forest residents are invited to send their thoughts and ideas to kingsfor@kingsforest.org.