Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mike Sullivan Announces Street Sweeping To Begin

City Councilman Mike Sullivan has just issued this press release on Saturday, September 27, informing residents that street sweeping will begin this coming week.

"In an effort to rid our major thoroughfares of leaves and debris that could clog drains and prevent the safe and efficient runoff of rainwater, I have asked both the City's Public Works Department and the Parks and Recreation Department for immediate assistance. They have responded positively and will have crews on Kingwood Drive this coming Monday, September 29th.

"Parks will arrive first, as they had removed protruding tree limbs from Kingwood Drive within 3 days of the storm. They were then dispatched to City parks to assist in clearing roads of downed trees.

"The Parks crews will return to Kingwood first thing Monday. They will work on one esplanade at a time, moving eastward on Kingwood Drive. Debris will be blown back up on the esplanade in a manner that it should not get back into our gutters. Those efforts will be followed by our mechanical street sweeping machines.

"Public Works has agreed to reprioritize their street sweeping operations and will be on our roads in Kingwood this week. While it will not be possible to sweep every street in Kingwood, I know that they will do our major thoroughfares, including Kingwood Drive, West Lake Houston Parkway, Northpark, and Woodland Hills.

"I want to applaud the City's responsiveness to every request that I have made since the fall of Hurricane IKE. The roads were cleared by city crews, alongside our outstanding residents, within just a few hours of IKE's passing. All other city services have been at near-peak performance ever since. While wastewater operations were a real challenge for us, they are completely under control now. Water pressure is high, police/fire/EMS are fully staffed and responding to all calls, and garbage is being picked up on schedule. We are now in the midst of debris removal and street sweeping. The clean up is well underway, and I am proud to be leading these efforts for our community.

"Thank you, and please feel free to call or email if you have any questions."

Mike Sullivan
Council Member
Houston City Council, District E
832-393-3008 Office