Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kings Forest Board, Committees Tallying Damage, Taking Action

We'd like to keep you informed on actions being taken by the Kings Forest board and Committees to fix hurricane damage to our infrastructure.

The Kings Forest Maintenance Committee, headed by Renee Hewett, has been gathering information on broken street street lights and signage to report to the City of Houston. Renee also rode around in the days immediately following the hurricane to take photos of the damage to the Kings Forest fence along Kingwood Drive.

President Kevin Morley contacted Ethel McCormick to inquire whether fence damage is covered by the Kingwood umbrella policy. Ethel has responded that KSA will effect a "group claim," and requested Kings Forest and other villages to submit photos and estimates of damage, as an insurance adjuster will be assigned to our policy shortly.

The Kings Forest pool has emerged in excellent shape. Board member Lois Vance and husband George stored the pool furniture in the building before the hurricane hit, so there's no damage to the facility or equipment. The pool has been cleaned by our maintenance company.

In separate blog posts, we've already detailed our efforts to address the Bear Branch Creek problem with Centerpoint, City of Houston 311, and the City of Houston Public Works and Engineering.