Thursday, August 21, 2008

We've Got Trees!

At recent meetings with Humble ISD about relocating the high school parking lot entrances, Councilman Mike Sullivan pledged his support to residents and offered to help replace the trees that had been removed along the high school parking lot on Valley Manor.

True to his word, Sullivan's office alerted HS Construction Committee Chair Jan Mohr yesterday that they have been successful in securing 50+ trees to supplement those that the school district is planning for what we've been calling "entrance #4" -- the parking lot entrance that had been cleared, then abandoned in favor of using the existing/former entrance closer to Kingwood Drive.

The contributing company is Tree Town USA in Glen Flora, Texas. The company has graciously offered to allow residents to come to their location and select the trees themselves.

Special thanks go to Councilman Mike Sullivan and his office, and to the generous folks at Tree Town USA. We'd also like to recognize Kings Forest residents Jan Mohr and Vicki and Dick Stewart, who are working closely with Humble ISD to coordinate this tree replacement project. Humble ISD's Deborah Yoacham and Jody Doebele also deserve our thanks for their continued efforts to work with Kings Forest in resolving this problem.