Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Residents Win Humble ISD Approval for Relocation of HS Parking Lot Entrances

The new Kings Forest Board of Trustees and Valley Manor residents are celebrating a major success: Humble ISD has agreed to locate the parking lot entrances across from the greenbelt, not across from their residences and closer to Laurel Garden. The school district also has agreed to redesign the parking lot so that buses will circulate within the lot and exit closer to Kingwood Drive, rather than exiting out further north onto Valley Manor. The entrance that has been cut through the trees close to Laurel Garden will be abandoned and repopulated with trees.

In addition to the relocation of the entrances, Humble ISD has agreed to work closely with affected residents to ensure the landscaping is to the community’s satisfaction.

The Kings Forest board and residents had presented their requests in a meeting held on Thursday, June 26. By day’s end Friday, the school district had already responded with a redesign for Kings Forest to approve by Monday, June 30. Residents in the immediate vicinity of the construction were provided detailed documents in their mailboxes on Friday night, and asked to give their input by Sunday. Residents responded with emails and phone calls expressing their support for the redesign. In a special board session on Sunday, June 29, the Kings Forest Board of Trustees considered the input they’d received and voted to endorse the school district’s redesign.

The board also appointed a HS Construction Committee, lead by Jan Mohr and comprised of affected residents, which will act as liaison between Humble ISD and KFCA and work with the school district on landscaping and any other issues that arise during the completion of the parking lot construction. Jan has already contacted the project manager and Vaughn personnel to schedule their first meeting.

The board and its committees wish to thank the Mohrs, Stewarts, and Bergers (who reside across from the high school construction) for their advocacy and diligent attention to an issue that could have had a negative and permanent impact our community.