Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's Holding Kings Forest Back?

We’re approaching the one-year milestone since a random cross-section of Kings Forest residents volunteered to participate in a focus group. Out of this meeting emerged a body of recommendations for how to improve Kings Forest and a spirit of volunteerism to turn these ideas into action. Nearly all those participating in the focus group are still actively working on these recommendations a year later. As the months pass, more residents are becoming aware and involved.

So what progress is being achieved?

We’ve made some strides. In the past year, resident volunteers have provided the board with information on best community association practices. They did the leg work around improving our deed restriction enforcement, entrances and pool usage. They explored funding alternatives and ways to enhance the return on our reserves investment. And they informed and obtained feedback from their fellow residents.

But these volunteers have not succeeded in convincing longterm board members to change the way they engage with residents, or to take action on the things that residents say they want done.

So progress has been too slow, frankly because any improvements to our leadership processes or infrastructure have been thwarted by longterm board members. We now have a chance, however, to see more progress in 2008 because of the election of two new board members who represent new attitudes, new energy and enthusiasm for improving Kings Forest. But to be successful, we will need more of our residents to be aware of the obstacles they're facing and lend their support. Kings Forest cannot afford to drift because of efforts by longterm board members to make decisions in their own interests, not necessarily the residents'.

Please read our post on progress with the pool contract below to understand better what our challenges are.