Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pool Contract Revision to Reflect Reduced Hours Marred by Lack of Collaboration

At the May 5 board meeting, new board member Mike Gilroy was approved by the board to review the current pool contract and work with Crystal Pool Services’ Christi Peterson to revise the contract downward based on the board’s decision to reduce pool hours. Gilroy has run into roadblocks – especially problematic since the pool is slated to open for the Memorial Day Weekend.

For the past three weeks, Gilroy has not received a copy of the original contract from Board President Howard Pitman or other longterm board member. He requested a copy from pool vendor Peterson, who faxed the original contract without the revised addendum with the reduced hours.

After repeated requests from Gilroy for the revised costs associated with the reduced hours, pool vendor Peterson disclosed that Pitman “told me that I did not have to correspond with anyone else regarding their questions.” Peterson said in an email that she was directed by Pitman to send the revised cost addendum to him. She told Gilroy to obtain a copy from Pitman.

Board member Lois Vance was refused a copy of the original contract by pool vendor Peterson, who directed her to get a copy from Gilroy.

On May 20th, pool vendor Peterson emailed to Vance that “the contract remains the same [as the original] with the exception of the lifeguard salaries which were adjusted for the news hours of operation. I am away from my office so I do not have the total on the contract with me...but all else remained the same.” It is unclear whether Gilroy’s stewardship of the contract review process has been circumvented by Pitman. As of May 21, there has been no communication from Pitman to circulate a copy of the addendum and invite a joint review by board members.

Lack of information sharing and joint decisionmaking have been consistent with Pitman’s practices in the past. New board member requests for copies of maintenance or pool contracts are greeted with a lack of, or delayed response. Vendors direct inquiries from board or committee members to Pitman, and appear to take direction only from him.

Vance has called an executive session of the board next Tuesday in an effort to ensure there is joint review and sign-off on the contract.