Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Residents Vote No to Pool Tag Policy, Yes to Key Access Over Reduced Hours

Thirty-eight percent of Kings Forest residents responded to the second survey on the pool, this one focusing on whether the community would participate in the pool tag policy and clarifying preferences for moving to key access or reduced hours. As a result of this survey, the board voted not to participate in the pool tag policy, but did not adhere to resident feedback on the key access/reduced hours issue.

Here is a brief summary of results, but full details are available on

Out of 100 homes that responded:

- 75% voted NO to the pool tag policy
- 51.5% voted YES to key access
- 42.5% voted YES to reduced hours
- 62% indicated they had not used the pool at all in 2007
- 82% did not use another village pool
- 72% have no children living in their homes
- 59% did not have their own pool

Two households didn’t identify themselves, so are not reflected above. A few didn’t respond to all questions; these exceptions are noted in the Powerpoint slides.

Of particular interest:
- Favoring key access was inversely related to age. Younger residents favored key access, while the older the resident, the more inclined to support reduced hours.
- 15% of residents used another pool.
- 57% of families with children voted against participation in the pool tag program, and slightly favored key access.

The response rate of 38% is statistically significant and accurately reflects the total population to within 7% at the standard 95% confidence level.