Wednesday, May 7, 2008

High School Construction Impacts Kings Forest Residences

At Monday night’s board meeting, residents from homes on Valley Manor expressed their dismay and astonishment at the new entrance to the high school parking lot that appeared last week across the street from their homes. They related how trees were knocked down off Valley Manor along the easement behind Kings Forest houses on Laurel Garden Drive to make way for the entrance – one of two servicing the staff parking lot.

When they contacted the Humble school district, they were told that Kings Forest Board President Howard Pitman had signed a document modifying the setback that allowed them to place the entrance at that location. The residents presented a copy of the faxed document with Pitman's signature.

The minutes from the April board meeting show that Howard Pitman reported the following:

“Howard Pitman gave a report. Mark Krueger came to him for a signature for the high school parking lot construction. There will be a lot of temporary buildings until the construction is completed at the high school."

There is no record of a board vote on the issue.

When Pitman was asked at the board meeting if he had seen the footprint of what was proposed, he answered, “yes.”

Residents pleaded for action to be taken immediately to stop the construction until there can be further discussion with the school district – and possible rerouting of the entrance.

Pitman agreed to contact the Assistant Superintendent of Facilities at HISD Mark Krueger to set up a meeting. As of Wednesday, May 7, Pitman indicates he has made contact with but not heard back from Mark Krueger. Board member for Section 3 Lois Vance and affected residents are contacting Pitman daily to seek action on the matter.