Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May Board Meeting Surfaced Problems with Board Decisionmaking

Monday night’s KFCA board meeting provided a disturbing insight into board politics and how decisions affecting residents have been made without their knowledge. Here are the highlights:

Residents that live near the high school recounted how they awoke last week to find bulldozers knocking down trees and clearing access to a new parking lot in front of their houses. They produced a document provided by the Humble ISD that showed the board president had approved a modification to the setback behind the high school in April 2007, which allowed the district to cut in the new entrance.

The Revitalization Committee presented the results of last week’s pool survey, in which residents voted for key access over reduced hours. New board members from Sections 2 and 3 proposed a compromise plan that would accommodate both those favoring key access and reduced hours -- key access during the week, but lifeguards on weekends. Longterm board members overrode resident votes in the pool survey and the compromise proposed by new board members and voted for a reduction of only 3 hours per day.

Longtime board members also reinstated as Maintenance Committee chair the board member who had been appointed by the board president last year and recently voted out of office by a two-to-one majority in his Section.

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