Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lois Vance and Mike Gilroy Propose Compromise Solution; Board Votes For Reduced Hours Only

With respect for residents who supported reduced hours (42.5%) while honoring the majority vote for key access (51.5%), new board members Lois Vance and Mike Gilroy proposed a compromise plan that would change pool operation to key access during weekdays, and lifeguards on weekends. This would significantly reduce expenditures for lifeguards while offering lifeguard coverage during peak hours.

An initial vote was taken by the board with Vance, Gilroy and Badoian voting in favor of this compromise plan. A short time later, Badoian said he had “thought about the issue further” and wanted to rescind his vote.

A motion was then made by Badoian to go to reduced hours only, over objections from new board and committee members. Gilroy insisted that if this was to be the case, the motion should include the cancellation and renegotiation of the current service contract.

Badoian then proposed that the hours be reduced by 3 hours a day, operating the pool from 1 – 7 p.m. six days a week (in lieu of the current 11-8 p.m.) This reduced hours plan was passed.

Vance recommended a committee be formed to explore ways to set up the key or card access and agreed to head it. This committee will make its recommendations at the next board meeting.

Gilroy has initiated a dialog with the pool company to revise the current contract to reflect reduced costs.