Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Woodlands Instituting Community Safety Alert System

The Woodlands will initiate an Internet-based communications system that will send public safety alerts to residents who sign up to receive them. This new broadcast system will begin on June 1.

The system is not yet able to target alerts by village or subdivision, but it does provide the ability to distribute broadcast emails on crimes in the community or suspicious individuals or vehicles. It also can be used to cancel major community events, or to distribute hurricane or disaster preparedness/mass evacuation information.

The plan will be operated by the Community Associations of The Woodlands. Residents will be able to register on their site and customize the information they receive.

Teleworks provides the system, which will cost about $30,000 annually. For more information, go to this Houston Chronicle news story.

The Sugar Land Police Department also recently implemented a similar system. Among the online tools offered to residents is a Daily Crime Report that allows residents to report or check on recent crimes.