Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Voluntary Donation Fund Approaches $3,000

The board is delighted to report that as of March 1, $2,895 has been contributed by Kings Forest residents to the Voluntary Donation fund.

Residents will recall that in the annual assessment letter, the Kings Forest board asked if they’d like to contribute an additional voluntary amount to help accelerate the completion of the remaining two major entrances at Valley Manor and Woodland Hills.

Because of the number of infrastructure projects coming in the next few years -- such as replacement of the fence along Kingwood Drive -- the board has explored other ways to raise money, such as voluntary donations. Feedback from residents at board meetings and neighborhood events indicated many were willing to contribute.

“The board thanks all of our neighbors who have made donations,” said Morley. “The Fund will remain open to contributions until we have enough to complete the remaining entrances.

“With the many generous residents and hard-working volunteers, we may get there sooner than we think.”

Plans for infrastructure improvements will be presented to residents at the 2009 Annual Meeting on March 24. A recap will appear here after the board meeting for those unable to attend.