Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Renee Hewett, Maintenance Committee Chair, Helps Raise Money for the Voluntary Donation Fund

Renee Hewett, chair of the Maintenance Committee, had been thinking about ways in which she could help raise money for the Voluntary Donation Fund. She decided to host a social event that would provide an opportunity for Kings Forest neighbors to socialize and have a little fun while doing something good for the community.

So Renee organized a Southern Living event in her home on February 15, and extended invitations to every home in Kings Forest. Renee donated all of the profits above direct costs to the Fund, for a total of $500. In addition to those who attended the event, there were several residents who were unable to stop by, but asked if they could donate to the Fund anyway.

“There’s a lot of work involved in hosting an event like this,” said Kevin Morley, KFCA president. “It took weeks for Renee to pull this all together. We are very appreciative of her efforts.

“The board also wants to thank the residents who took time out of their afternoon to attend, as well as those who donated,” He added. “The ongoing support we get from our neighbors really energizes the board and committees to do our best.”