Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What’s the Status on the Pool Survey?

At the board meeting on January 7, 2008, the board said that approximately 125 surveys on the Kings Forest Pool have been returned, which is nearly 50 percent of residents. Some residents have yet to pay their assessment, so if you’re one of these individuals – or simply forgot to send in your survey – send it in now!

If you’ve lost your copy, please email us at kings_forest_woodnote@yahoo.com and we’ll contact appropriate parties on your behalf.

Attendees at the board meeting asked the board how and when survey results will be shared with the residents. The board said it has not addressed this yet, nor has it determined what percentage represents a viable polling sample. The discussion concluded with a recommendation that the board make these decisions by the February 4board meeting.

Here are the results of the minipoll on this blog, which while nothing more than a “pulse” of the community, are certainly interesting.

How many times did your family use the pool in 2007?

7X or more -- 2 families(8%)
4-6 X -- 0 families(0%)
1-3 X -- 3 families(12%)
Did not use -- 19 families(79%)
Total votes: 24