Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let there be light!

Bogdan and Bibianna Szopa were disappointed at the prospect of the Kings Forest Christmas decorations not being visible at night, so they came up with the idea of lighting the entrance at Kingwood Drive and Kings Forest Drive, where the monument wall is accessible with extension cords. But what about electricity to power the lights?

Up stepped Bruce and Kate Henderson, who live on the adjacent property. They generously "donated" the power; Bogdan and Bibianna supplied the lights, cords and timer, and took care of setting the lights in place.

Likewise, at the Woodland Hills entrance, Tamara and John Paul provided the electricity to light that entrance and Greg and Rachel Barnes provided the spotlights and extension cords.

It certainly gives us an idea of what our entrances would look like if we had lights. If you have a moment to drive by, check it out!