Saturday, December 8, 2007

Residents Put Up Christmas Decorations

As you enter or leave Kings Forest, we hope you'll be pleased to see Kings Forest now has holiday decorations at the four major entrances.

At the board meeting on Monday night (Dec. 3), the Revitalization Committee asked the board to approve us putting Christmas decorations up; the board approved and the Committee purchased the decorations (taking full advantage of 50% discounts!)

Committee co-chairs Suzanne Harssema and Tricia Morley thank committee members Rachel Barnes, Lois Vance, Bibianna and Bogdan Szopa and Kevin Morley for creating and putting up the wreaths and garlands. You may also have noticed the Kings Forest lettering has been regolded; this is thanks to Sybil Margaritis, who painted the lettering and helped the Committee with putting up the decorations at the entrances.

(Above photo, left to right: Tricia, Suzanne, Rachel, Bibianna, Bogdan and Sybil. Below, Bibianna, Rachel, Suzanne and Kevin.)