Monday, November 26, 2007

Revitalization Committee Petitions Board on Range of Issues in November Meeting

Based on the responses of residents to our email of November 3 (see Nov. 5 Board Meeting), the Revitalization Committee advocated during the session that the board take action to

1) Survey -- Poll the residents in December on the pool issue.
2) Revitalization Fund -- Create an account into which any savings or voluntary contributions would be captured. This fund would be dedicated to revitalization projects chosen by the residents.
3) Revitalization Bids -- Leave "hardscape" in the revitalization bid requests. Residents want options for improving signage, lighting, and similar enhancements.
4) Bid Review Process -- Make a decision on the process for evaluating the bids we receive. Our recommendation:
- narrow bid candidates to two
- allow them to give presentations in January in open meetings where any interested residents can attend
- present two options to all residents for a vote

Here's a status report (current through November 26):

1) Survey -- will be distributed in December
2) Revitalization Fund -- not created
3) Scope of bids -- no approval of hardscape inclusion in board meeting; no information available.
4) Process for Evaluation -- no approved process to date; no information available