Tuesday, October 2, 2007

No Provision for Special Assessment in CSA

If Kings Forest were to try to raise money for community enhancements, it will not be able to do so with a special assessment, reported Tom Wussow at the Kings Forest board meeting on October 1. Tom is a member of a Task Force appointed by Howard Pitman; also on the Task Force are Bob Braun, Stanley Walker and Howard himself.

The team had reviewed the Community Services document that governs these issues, and unlike some of Kingwood's villages, Kings Forest's has no provision for a special assessment.

A discussion then ensued among those present about the possibility of soliciting a voluntary, non-compulsory contribution from residents that could go toward costs associated with enhancing our entrances and other revitalization projects.

The Revitalization Committee asked the Task Force if it could pursue this and make a recommendation in a future board meeting.