Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let's Look at the Entrances

Bibianna Szopa, Section One resident and Revitalization Committee member, took photos of our entrances to help us recall what exactly we have and what condition they're in. I'll share with you a few details about what's being discussed. Your opinions count here, so send in your ideas through the COMMENTS.

The first isn't even an entrance -- it's the corner of Woodland Hills and Kingwood Drive. There's interest in seeing whether we could create some type of presence (to be determined) similar to the Kingwood Lakes sign at this corner (of course, not as deeply set). However, there's much to be investigated here as far as how much square footage is available, the impact on the fence and the homeowner's property, and the affordability of making such a change.

There are two entrances with wooden signs that merit attention: Cedar Knolls and Valley Manor, and Shady Run.

Several of the entrances have monuments, but are criticized for unimaginative or poorly maintained plantings and overgrown shrubbery. Some residents would like lighting for night visibility; others advocating covering the brick for a more updated look. The Revitalization Committee believes that our image should be classic -- perhaps stone facing. Bob Rehak has an idea for a "country lane" look for Kings Forest.

The entrances that are being evaluated include Kings Forest Drive, Woodland Hills and Kings Forest, and Woods Estates. And there are two entrances at either end of Kings Forest Drive that don't have entrance treatments on both sides.