Monday, March 30, 2009

Results of Section One Elections Are In

The Kings Forest Board of Trustees issued the following message to residents on March 30, 2009.

Dear Neighbors,

As many of you know, the election results for the Kings Forest, Section 1, Board positions were collected and counted at the annual dinner. At that time, the validity of some ballots and the election process came into question. Specifically, there were: 1) multiple ballots from the same households, 2) ballots on different card stock, 3) photocopied ballots, 4) altered ballots, 5) additional ballots distributed through Kingwood Association Management, 6) ballots received from households who were delinquent on homeowner dues, and 7) a candidate who was delinquent on homeowner dues. Unfortunately, our limited by-laws did not provide specific rules or guidance for this situation. In the best interest of the candidates and the community as a whole, every effort was made to authenticate the ballots and election results.

After independent review of the by-laws, ballots and process, it was determined all ballots and all candidates would be accepted and counted. In spite of the irregularities listed above, the following candidates have been elected:

• Ginny Eckley
• Mike Woehst

We would like to thank all the candidates for their interest in serving our community. Additionally, we thank everyone for their patience and understanding regarding this very important matter.


The Kings Forest Community Association Board