Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Plans for Shady Run Entrance Sign Are Changing

By now, everyone has probably noticed the changes at Shady Run, including the new fence. Perhaps you've spotted little white flags -- that's where we propose to locate the new entrance sign.

The tall, narrow pillar we'd originally planned would have been silhouetted against the existing overgrowth. However, we now have a dramatic horizontal background presented by the curved fence, and two strong vertical shapes of the crepe myrtles. We thought: the pillar will look too small, and will compete with the vertical tree shapes and street sign.

So we consulted with landscape designer Dale Clarke, who recommended we pursue a low, WIDE wall that will balance and “center” the fence and crepe myrtles. Another option we had considered, the low, WING wall, said Dale, is not desirable since it is inconsistent with our other entrance signs.

The low WIDE wall also will allow us to have a plaque with “Kings Forest,” rather than just initials KF. Cost is estimated at $6,500.

In comparison, the low, WING wall will cost upwards of $8,500.

At the January board meeting, the Revitalization Committee offered visuals of the two options. We've pasted in the sketch into position (this is not what the walls will look like!)

Please weigh in with your vote on which wall we install -- low wide, or low wing. We have an online survey available here. You'll be able to vote once for your choice.

We have some easement issues to address, however, because the City of Houston records have not been updated to show this corner was ceded over to the Kings Forest Community Association. This will delay the start of construction, so we'll keep you posted.

In November, when the clearing at Shady Run was in the final stages, Board President Kevin Morley alerted the board and committees that we would need to consider some re-forestation. Since then, the board and committees have discussed various ways to approach this, including covering it out of our maintenance budget in 2009. The sprinkler system will need to be repaired, and vines killed as they re-emerge. Dale will offer ideas for landscaping around the base of the sign. Three residents have proposed their own ideas for what should be done.

Kevin has talked to all the Shady Run homeowners, who have indicated their satisfaction with the project to date. They will be invited to participate in the planning for replanting.