Thursday, July 24, 2008

Using the Kings Forest Pool

We'll provide you with some general information here regarding use of the Kings Forest pool, but further details are provided in the pool use agreement that was delivered to your mailbox this month. For a copy, please click through to

The Kings Forest pool is now key access only, swim-at-your-own-risk. Residents are advised NOT to swim alone.

- The Kings Forest pool will be open year-round, from sunrise to sunset, except Tuesdays.

Age Requirements
- Children 15 and under are required to have an adult accompany them at all times.
- Children 5 and under can use the wading pool with swim diapers.

Access to the Pool and Parking Lot
- Your key will unlock the entrance gates to the parking lot and the pool.
- Please be sure to lock the entrance gate if you are the last person leaving the parking lot.
- Please do not allow anyone to enter the pool area without a pool key unless it's an emergency.

Pool Phone
- There's a phone available at the entrance desk if you need to call for assistance. Please call the Pool Committee to report any violation of our pool rules at (281)358-2951. If you need police assistance, call 911. The address for the pool is posted on the wall by the phone.

Conduct at the Pool
- Please clean up after yourself and guests. This includes returning pool furniture to its original position in the pool area, and leaving the rest rooms clean.
- Pool rules regarding noise and objectionable behavior are posted at the entrance.

Parties and Groups
- The committee and board are developing guidelines for use of the pool and facilities for private parties or groups, which we’ll share with you in the near future. In the interim, please contact Ginny Eckley at (281)358-2951 or the Pool Committee two weeks in advance if you’re planning to bring a group to the pool. We will provide you with contact information for lifeguard service.

Obtaining a Key
- If you miss the Pool Event on Friday, July 25, you can still obtain a key from the Pool Committee at any time. The requirements to obtain the key are that you are a resident in good standing (annual assessment paid) and must show your license. If you lose your key, the cost of replacement is $20.

Posted Rules
- Rules regarding use of the pool are posted at the pool entrance. They're also available online here. Please be sure to read all posted rules, and ensure your family and guests have read them.