Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Meeting with City Councilman Mike Sullivan This Thursday on HS Construction

Over the past few weeks, residents on Valley Manor have been in communication with Humble ISD in an effort to remain part of the planning process for the new parking lot exit, sidewalk and other proposed changes to school property bordering Valley Manor. These residents contacted City Councilman Mike Sullivan to request his help in articulating their position to the school district.

On Thursday, June 26, at 11:00 a.m., City Councilman Mike Sullivan will meet with affected residents, KF board members and the school district at the home of Vicki and Dick Stewart, 2511 Valley Manor (directly across from the exit). Residents wishing to lend their support are welcome to attend this meeting. If you plan to do so, please send an email to kingsfor@kingsforest.org.

On hand will the Deborah Yocham, director of facilities for Humble ISD, and the architect that designed the parking lot and exit. Superintendent Sconzo has also indicated he will attend.

Mike Sullivan has served as Trustee of Humble ISD, so hopes are that he can influence the school district to consider resident requests. The school district has submitted plans for a Y-shaped exit to the City for approval, with an island proposed to partially obscure the view with plantings. Affected residents have been told by the school district that a landscape designer will address this without resident input, so they're concerned about the quality and quantity of plants proposed for the island.

In addition, residents are requesting that a sidewalk intended to run the length of high school property along Valley Manor not be constructed, as it will increase the existing traffic problems due to parents arranging to pick students up on Valley Manor. They also are asking for curbs to discourage waiting parents from parking on their properties.