Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Major Renovation to Begin on Woods Estates

There are a number of major renovation projects going on around Kings Forest, which is always a good sign. Requests to the Deed Restriction Committee to review plans usually average 2-3 per month.

One project that's particularly interesting is on Woods Estates, where there's a home that has been vacant for some time, with the Community Association picking up costs for keeping the property mowed.

We're pleased that Modern Home Renovation, a Kingwood company, has bought the property and intends to do a major renovation. Mike Wimberly, president, says he'll be showing plans soon for a more traditional interior and exterior. Plans are to begin marketing the home while it's under construction. We'll keep you posted on progress.

If you currently have a renovation project underway and would like to share a photo or advice, please send it in to