Sunday, May 25, 2008

Homeowners Affected by HS Construction Request Your Support for Their Petition

Affected homeowners on Valley Manor across from the high school are reaching out to their neighbors in Sections 3 and 5 for their signatures on a petition requesting the school district relocate the parking lot exit on Valley Manor. They will stop by some of your homes in the next day or two with the petition. If they don't reach you this weekend, please indicate your support either by email to, or by putting a note with your signature in the Stewart's mailbox at 2511 Valley Manor Drive (directly across from the cut down trees).

Residents in any section of Kings Forest are being encouraged to support their neighbors, in fact, by sending an email to, saying you support the relocation of the parking lot exit back to where the current entrance is. For background, see Residents Review HS Exit Plan.

The construction company is working on the proposed exit over the holiday weekend in spite of these homeowners having obtained agreement from the Director of Facilities on Friday that they would not resume work until this coming week. If Kings Forest residents don't act quickly, the school district will proceed with construction of the parking lot exit as designed.