Friday, March 7, 2008

Lois Vance Asks Residents to Participate in Elections

Lois Vance, candidate for the board of trustee position in Section 2, has issued a message to residents that are eligible to vote in the coming Section 2, 3 and 5 elections. Because of its length, we'll publish it as a blog post.

"Please do not just sit and let others make decisions that greatly affect you and your property without voicing your opinion. Right now you have the opportunity to do so by voting in the upcoming election for the board of directors.

"Kings Forest is at a turning point. Do you want to continue to feel pride in your community and help sustain the unique qualities that make it a highly respected and admired place to live? Or are you content to see Kings Forest become just another "older" community?

"Kings Forest must move forward. The 'status quo' under the current leadership is not in the best interest of our community. Changes need to be made, and we cannot wait for more years of study and/or procrastination while the infrastructure of our community suffers.

"Please make your voice heard, by not only voting in the upcoming election, but also by attending board meetings, reading Woodnote, and simply showing your support for those who have the time and interest to devote to the community.

"There are new members of our community who are running for positions on the board of directors who welcome and respect your varied opinions on the future direction of Kings Forest. Please give them your support."