Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Committee Will Humanize Deed Restrictions

Good news for those of you who have expressed your concerns about the enforcement of deed restrictions: the Kings Forest Deed Restriction Committee is currently working to clarify the restrictions in terms that people readily understand (in lieu of the often cryptic original documents). These standards will be published after review by Kings Forest's legal counsel and board approval.

The standards themselves will not change, but the Committee's efforts to communicate them will ramp up, in part because Kings Forest now has a website at and the WoodNote, which we post on the website, issue by email and hardcopy.

In addition, the Deed Restriction Committee will fan out and deliver flyers to select mailboxes. The messages are humorous, but the intent is to call attention to a particular problem and encourage the resident to address it. You'll see other efforts to corral some of the more serious violations that have occurred.

If you've not already signed up to receive WoodNote by email, please send us your email address at The WoodNote is published by residents, for Kings Forest residents.