Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Record Turnout for KF Board Meeting

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The Board of Trustees meeting on September 10 was a record event for Kings Forest -- in part because 31 residents attended (the board had no attendees for years) and because for the first time, residents were asking questions, listening intently to discussion of the issues, and offering solutions and ideas for how to address problems. What prompted this change?

An intense interest in the future of Kings Forest...and concern about the way we're heading. They see poor maintenance along fence lines and common areas. They want better landscaping, lighting and signage at our entrances. They want stronger enforcement of deed restrictions.

They also realize they really don't know how things get done, and by whom. How much money we have to spend. Where it's being spent. What needs to happen next. So they gave up their evening to come to a crowded, hot meeting room, sitting on the floor, standing along the walls, to find out.

For more than three hours, the discussion followed three main threads: revitalization, maintenance and deed restrictions.

Board member and head of Maintenance Bob Rehak talked about the need to wash our street signs. They talked to him about specific entrances, esplanades and common areas that have become overgrown.

Revitalization Committee heads Suzanne Harssema and Tricia Morley talked about the discussions underway with landscape designers to address our infrastructure problems -- plans that are adversely impacted by lack of money. Committee member Tom Wussow pitched the board on the importance of professional design; the need to invest in a proper study.

The Committee suggested solutions: should we evaluate closing the pool, or can we turn it into a key access/no lifeguard pool? Can the board look into the issue of insurance? Apparently the deed that transferred the pool to KF stipulates only that it be used for recreational purposes. What should these be?

Should we raise money through a special assessment? Other villages have this in their covenants; what can be done?

The residents in attendance favored an evaluation of whether or not to keep the pool, and were generally inclined to remove it in favor of other recreational use.

After listening to a lengthy exchange on the limitations of our budget (currently zero dollars available for new entrance treatments, etc.), many also expressed support for consideration of a special assessment.

But all realized that we need data: what are our alternatives? How do the residents feel about these issues?

The Committee recommended to the board that a resident survey be conducted, which the board approved. The committee also asked the board to pursue alternatives regarding a special assessment and investigate possible restrictions. The board has appointed a Task Force of Howard Pitman, Tom Wussow and Bob Braun to evaluate this.